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1. Where is ON&ON shelving made?

Our parts are made in the UK, packed and made to measure at our workshop in St Albans.

2. How can I buy an ON&ON shelving system?

We only sell direct to our customers, if you are interested in our system you can call or use our enquiry forms to contact our planning team. We offer a FREE planning and sample service.

3. How much does a system cost?

Our product guide includes part prices and can be downloaded from our downloads page shelves starting at £96 per metre. You can get an idea of system prices from our system prices pages here. Otherwise, individual system prices are calculated during our design and planning stage.

4. Where can I see the ON&ON shelving system?

a. We can arrange a visit to our workshop in St Albans or at Forbo’s London showroom.

b. We can send you a sample pack including sections of our shelves and wall fixings.

c. You may also be close enough for a site visit.

5. I’ve not heard of ON&ON are you a new company?

We have been making and living with our systems since the 1960's but launched ON&ON at Design Junction in London in 2013.

6. Where does the name ON&ON come from?

Our name encapsulates our long-term approach to sustainable design and manufacturing. We are working towards becoming a fully circular company.

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1. I like your shelving systems but don’t know where to start

That’s ok, we have a team of expert planners that can help. They will help advise, set out and design your system completely free of charge.

We do this via email or phone where we will provide drawings and costs, which can be amended until you are happy with both the design and quotation.

All we need to start is the height and width of your wall and a rough idea of what you want to use the system for. See our how to buy page here.

2. I don’t have a tape measure to measure my walls.

Unfortunately, we need a rough size of your wall to start, we can sometimes help if you can send us a photo of the space and a photo of your wall. We can then help advise the most suitable way to get your measurements.

3. Do you do site visits?

Yes, we can do site visits within our installation area (up to 2 hours from St Albans). We do charge for them but the cost can be redeemed. You can find out more here.

4. My walls don’t look straight is this a problem?

The system and shelves are designed to allow for this. Both new build or older properties rarely have perfectly square or plumb walls.

5. I have wall sockets on my wall is this a problem are they in the way?

There is lots of flexibility with our system and we can usually design around your wall sockets. Our cabinets also have open backs to allow for easy access to your sockets and any cabling.

6. Why does the planning team want my total wall height and total width?

If we have the full size of your wall your planner can calculate the height above your top shelf and even the space around, if it’s too close to the ceiling it may not be of any use. We also like to set out our systems from the floor, this means we can set both desk and TV heights which will help with your installation.

7. Why are the drawings and quotes in Millimetres?

Our systems have to be designed and made accurately so the best units to use are MM working in CM are not accurate enough.

8. Why is there a man in my drawing?

We sometimes add him to a drawing to help give you an idea of the height and size of your system. He is drawn to scale and is based on an average UK man's height of about 1.8m.

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1. Do you offer discounts or trade discounts?

Unfortunately, we don’t discount the shelving system or provide trade discounts. We try to provide the best price possible to our customers and so we don’t inflate our prices in order to then discount them at a later date.

2. How do you calculate your made-to-measure prices?

Some of our parts including shelves are priced per metre but the actual price you pay is for every 10cm. If you change the length the price will go up or down.

3. It looks like the system price I have received is too high can you help?

Yes, we can help redesign the system to provide a lower price. There are a few ways to do this and we have listed a few below; reduce the number of shelves and re-space them, reduce shelf lengths, use shallower shelves, remove lighting, remove wood fronts or change cabinets to deeper shelves. Your planner should be able to help you, just ask for a redesign.

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1. What is the system made from?

The shelves and cabinets are made from aluminium (including a high percentage of recycled aluminium). Many parts are formed from extrusions, shelves and cabinets can have additional oak or walnut fronts. Desks are made from aluminium and the tops are made from plywood finished in a hardwearing high-pressure laminate.

2. What size is the front of the shelf?

65mm or 6.5cm this is a fixed size and gives the shelves scale and strength.

3. How strong are the shelves?

Our shelves are designed to hold heavy books and won’t ever bow or sag. Our brackets are used to support our shelves. Two brackets are always needed to support one shelf longer shelves can be supported by multiple brackets. As a guide each 255 bracket is designed to support a load of 20-25kgs and a 345 bracket is designed to support a load of 30-35kg.

4. Can I buy extra shelves for my system?

Yes, we don’t change the design of the system, but continue to sell the same parts so they’re easy to add to.

5. Can I buy parts or brackets separately?

No, unfortunately, we don’t sell brackets or wall rails on their own they are only sold as part of a shelving system.

6. Can I reposition the shelves or cabinets after installation?

Yes that’s easy to do the shelves are adjustable, and brackets can be moved up or down the wall rails in 5cm increments.

7. Can you design the system around corners?

Unfortunately, we don’t have specific parts to do this, we can design two systems close together and position the shelves at the same heights to form an L-shaped configuration.

8. Do the shelf lengths include endcaps?

Yes the size of your shelves in the drawing and quote include endcaps. Both plastic ABS endcaps and aluminium endcaps are the same size.

9. Should the wall rails stick up above the top shelf?

They don’t have to, for most systems we stop them at the same height as the top shelf. Longer wall rails will give you more flexibility if you want to change your heights and we would recommend them if you are using your top shelf for very heavy items.

10. Can I mix up the colours and finishes on a single system?

Yes you can.

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1. How does your undershelf lighting work?

  • Our lighting shelves come with under-shelf lighting built in. A low voltage led strip is fitted into a trough designed into the shelf front.

  • When fitted all the leads are concealed within the shelf and run down vertically inside a wall rail towards the floor.

  • The leads are connected to a driver (cable tray provided to hold and conceal the driver) and plugged into a mains wall socket. Please download our product guide and installation guide for more information.

2. Can we dim the undershelf lighting?

Our standard Led strips are dimmable but our standard drivers are not. We can supply dimmable drivers but these need to be fitted by an electrician and require them to work with a suitable dimmer switch.

3. Can we connect the lighting to a wall switch?

Please speak to our planners. We can add a 5amp round pin plug to the driver, these are often used with lighting circuits but the circuit and round pin socket will need to be connected or fitted by an electrician.

4. How do you turn the lighting on and off?

The lighting is turned off and on at the wall socket, alternatively, we recommend using a Philips blue tooth smart plug and switch.

5. Why can’t we combine wood fronts with undershelf lighting?

Our solid wood fronts are fitted into an aluminium profile that forms the front of the shelf. When the wood is fitted there is no additional space available for the lighting trough or led strip.

6. Lighting shelves are now available in both black and white shelves.

We don't recommend adding lighting with bespoke colour shelves as the shelf colour effects the colour of the light.

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1. I don’t want to see my TV consoles and cables.

There is a space between the cabinet and wall where you can run all your cables inside. Consoles, Sky boxes or similar can be used inside the cabinets if they have blue tooth controls.

2. I have a flat-screen TV can I wall-mount the TV in front of the wall rails?

Our wall rails are 1.5cm deep so if the TV mounting bracket is deeper it should be ok. Samsung Frame TVs are mounted flat against the wall and so any wall rails need to be positioned either side.

3. Can I position my TV on your shelves or cabinet?

Yes both the cabinets and shelves are designed for very heavy items. Tell our planners the size and weight of your TV to make sure your system is designed for it.

4. Is it better to have a cabinet with drawers or fold-down doors below my TV?

For TV systems we would normally recommend fold-down door cabinets. Access through the door is larger and the back of the cabinet is open to allow for your plugs and wall sockets.

5. Do I need a hole for my cables in the top of the cabinets?

No. Shelves, desks and cabinets have a space between the wall where you can hide away all your cables and leads.

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1. Can I get a spare part?

Yes you can just email the planning team for help.

2. Do the shelves scratch?

The finish is tough although abrasive surfaces can scratch the powder-coated surfaces, be careful with rough-bottomed ceramics, stone or similar items.

3. I’m moving home in a few years can you help?

Yes, we keep a record of your systems so we can help redesign and reconfigure them into a new space or new property. Redesigning them with the planning team into a new space is FREE of charge.

4. Can I decorate my wall after fitting a system?

We recommend taking your system off the wall, decorating it and then re-fitting the system. Our wall fixings are good quality so you shouldn’t have to drill any new holes just unscrew everything to take the parts off.

5. How do I clean the system?

  • To clean your shelving, desks and cabinets use a clean damp cloth (non-abrasive) to wipe the painted (powder coated finish) surfaces (or laminated desktop)
  • You can use a little bit of soap and water, but for a deeper clean use something with a small amount of vinegar.
  • Alternatively use a window cleaner that degreases and is streak free. You can spray this directly onto the powder-coated surfaces and wipe clean with a dry non-abrasive cloth.
  • For our shelves with solid wood fronts use a clean damp cloth (not wet) and wipe the wood in the direction of the grain with a warm solution of mild washing-up liquid, don’t apply the diluted washing-up liquid direct to the wood front but just dampen
    the cloth.
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1. I’m ready to order how do I pay for a system?

We will email an e-invoice for card payment or alternatively we can send an invoice for bank transfer. We do not take card payments over the phone.

2. If I order a system how long does it take to arrive?

Lead times are 6-8 weeks from placing the order. (If ordering large multiple systems for commercial projects this may be longer, please check with your Planner).

3. Where do you deliver to?

We do have happy customers all across the UK, North America, Canada, Australia and throughout Europe. As our shelving systems are all unique a delivery price is calculated during the planning and quotation stage. Delivery can vary depending on your location and the size of the system ordered.

4. Are your cabinets and desks heavy?

Our cabinets arrive assembled and can be heavy, cabinets over 1.5m in length may require 2 people to carry and larger cabinets can be up to 2.4m. Desks over 2.4m may require 2 people to carry.

5. I live on the third floor will you deliver to my front door?

Unfortunately, all deliveries are to a ground floor main entrance unless agreed during the planning process.

6. My shelves are long what happens if I can’t get them into my room?

Unfortunately, It is a customer's responsibility to ensure that access is suitable from outside their building into their room, upstairs, around corners, through doors unless we have completed a site visit. If you want to have them resized you will need to return them to our St Albans workshop. If you are unsure about your access please contact us for help.

7. If I don’t like the system can I return it?

Every system we produce is made to measure and created specifically for you and your room. Unfortunately your system cannot be returned or refunded unless faulty or not as described. We recommend seeing the system, ordering our free samples or booking a site visit to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

8. I have a part missing what do I do?

This very rarely happens, but if something is missing please notify us as soon as possible, we can then identify and arrange to send you the part.

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1. Can I install the system myself?

The system is designed to be fitted by any competent DIY’er, handyman or builder. Take a look or download our installation guide.

2. Does the system come with wall screws?

Yes screws and fixings for both solid walls and cavity walls/dot and dab are supplied.

3. Where are the installation instructions?

We provide a printed set of instructions with your order or they can be downloaded from our download page. We will also email you a ‘setting out’ drawing to help with the installation with additional dimensions.

4. How do I know what my walls are made from?

1. There are a few methods but without drilling a test hole you can try tapping the wall with your fist or knuckle.

2. A cavity wall will make a different sound, it will sound hollow, a bit louder and crisper than a solid wall and is constructed using plasterboard.

3. Solid walls (masonry, brick, concrete normally plastered over) when tapped will sound dull, but if this changes across the wall you may have some blown plaster.

4. If you push a plasterboard wall you may see the board flex or have some movement, a solid wall will have no movement. Try tapping on a few different walls.

5. If you have lath and plaster walls (some older properties) we recommend not fixing to it or lining the wall with plywood or a similar material to add strength. You may have to drill a test hole to double check if it's made up of wooden horizontal strips.

5. Do I need to fix to the studs behind a plasterboard or cavity wall?

No the system is designed for plasterboard and cavity walls even with a large system or desk. The wall fixings provided are very good quality and there is no need to find the studs.

6. There are a lot of screws for the wall rails do I need to use them all?

We would recommend using all of them, but our wall rails have fixing points every 15cm so if you find a cable or pipe it's okay to miss out a screw depending on its position. The top fixing holes on your wall rails are important to add strength and must all be fixed correctly.

7. What do I do if I find a cable or pipe where I want to fix the wall rail?

Mark out your system with a pencil and before drilling any holes use a cable detector to check. If you think there is a cable or pipe on the top fixing hole you may have to move your wall rails to avoid it. If the cable or pipe is further down your wall rails it may be ok to just miss out on the fixing point to avoid drilling a hole.

8. I’m replastering my walls is this ok?

Yes, this is ok but if you are fitting a system between your walls make sure you take the wall measurements after plastering, the thickness of the plaster can affect the amount of space you have for the shelves. Make sure your plaster has had time to dry.

Any Questions?

Our planning team are hear to help design you a shelving system, if you have any other questions you can email our planning team here.

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