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ON&ON modular shelving system
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In the videos you can see us setting out some of our customers shelving system, we will continue to add videos so you can see the variety of systems we design. All we need to start planning is the height and width of your space and an idea of what you are interested in, this could include the room type, main function, shelf depth, finish, and if you need any cabinets, desks or clothes hangers. If you want to provide us with more information it can be helpful, take a look at a few of our customers sketches and photos sent to our planners click here.

As part of the service we recommend the number of wall rails, their size and how they are positioned for every system, after producing a drawing you can then check the sizes and spacing we have suggested. The shelving can be adjusted up or down after installation but we aim to get it correct during the planning stage. We continue to adjust the configurations and drawing until you are happy with the quotation, layout and design of the system.

Workstation or home office shelving system

A standard desk height is 720mm from the floor so we have used this as a starting point for the design, instead of a full length desk we have recommended using a smaller desk extension that can be positioned anywhere along the 345 depth shelf with a cabinet underneath. Additional smaller shelves could also be added in on the right hand side.

TV unit & Media shelving unit

Our customer provided the the height and width of both walls with two photos and the main function of each and left us to work out and recommend the rest. Our customers are now able to check both heights and spacing are correct, we can then revise and adjust the drawings and quotation.

Wall to Wall shelves

Our customer provided the the height and width of their space and the number and depth of the shelves they are interested in. We’ve recommended reducing the shelf length by 15mm at each end to allow for a tolerance when fitting them between uneven walls. We have set out the shelf heights all at 335mm as an example, this gives you the space between shelves but also the space between the ceiling height and system. The size of the spacing between shelves can then be checked to ensure you can fit all your books or ornaments. If anything is not quite right we can then revise and adjust the drawings and quotation.

Making changes

Customer notes after an initial drawing

When you receive a drawing from us if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for just tell us; call us, email us or draw back over the drawing to tell us what you want. It’s a simple low tech process that works and ensures you get what you want.

To start designing you a system all we really need is the height and width of your wall, but take a look out our how to buy page and shelf builder form which helps us get any extra information.

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