Site Visit

Planners will stay as long as you need but please allow at least 1 hour for a site visit. This service is perfect for one or multiple rooms.

What do you get?

  1. 1. Design Advice

    Design advice and ideas about how to configure and use an ON&ON shelving system.

  2. 2. All Measured

    Your spaces professionally and accurately laser measured by us.

  3. 3. Samples

    Larger samples and parts so you can see the quality of the system and different finishes.

  4. 4. 3D Visuals

    Visualisation and 3d computer model of your shelving systems to see how your system looks.

  5. 5. Free Planning

    All 2d drawings and quotes with as many alterations and changes as you need.

Does it cost anything?

Our FREE site visit offer has been extended in 2024, no payment required and no obligation to place an order.

You can send our planners a request using the form below.

Site visits have to be within our installation area or about 1.5hrs from St Albans, our planning team will confirm if you are within this area.

Site Visit Request