ON&ON For Business

Our planners all have backgrounds in design and our many years of experience mean we are here to help you at every stage of your project.

  1. 1. Pop up retail

    If you are looking to build a retail presence, we will help you with:

    • Competitive pricing vs hiring
    • Project advice
    • System Design
    • Storage
    • Retail layouts
    • Tailored solutions
  2. 2. Franchises

    Looking to create the same identity or format for your business across different sites, we will help you with:

    • Consistency in design
    • Custom parts
    • Project advice
    • Free planning service
    • Design guidelines & principles
    • Franchise minimum standards
    • Technical support
  3. 3. Developers

    Partner with us to ensure your customers get what they want, we will help you with:

    • Free planning service
    • Consistency in design
    • Technical specifications
    • Samples service
    • Design guidelines & principles
  4. 4. Architects

    Creating universities, offices, libraries to one off residential projects, we will help you with:

    • Samples service
    • Technical specifications
    • Design visit
    • Site visits
    • Design presentations
    • Tenders
    • 3d CAD models
    • 2d drawings

Invest in a high
quality product

Buying an ON&ON shelving system direct means we can create the best product for you at the best possible price. Designed and manufactured in Britain means we can control the quality of our product and the quality of our service.

"Excellent service and great shelves. Just what we needed!! From the Sydney Rocks Team!"

Restaurant, London : Google ★★★★★

Big enough for
the job

ON&ON shelving systems are great for large spaces. Long seamless shelves can be cut to size or connected together for lengths over 5m. Used in the UK and around the world by well known Brands, Universities and Retailers.

large floating desk with shelves above in office with two computers and shelves above

Proper desk, proper work

Our desk system is designed to create an efficient and clutter-free way of working. Add shelves above to declutter, undershelf lighting for illumination, cable trays to remove wires and leads and with no legs are easy to clean around.

‘Fantastic team and great product. we wanted a stylish solution for our shop and on&on were brilliant, totally professional, detailed drawings were provided and everything fitted perfectly, i cannot recommend them enough’

Retailer, St Albans : Google ★★★★★
ON&ON shelving system parts displayed

Design visits

If you have a design studio or architectural practice within Hertfordshire or London we are happy to come and present the system to you. Just book a time and we’ll do the rest or come and see us.