Wall rails + cover

Our wall rails act as the structure to the ON&ON shelving system. They are fixed to the wall and allow wall brackets to be positioned and connected at different heights. The correct wall rails lengths are selected and then cut to size to suit your system.


Our planners will help set out and calculate the number of wall rails you require. They will also add wall rail covers to your order. The covers are designed to conceal the screw heads, slots or lighting cables in the rail. Available in black or white and can be easily cut to size with scissors or knife.


  • Height 46.5cm £12.00
  • Height 86.5cm £18.00
  • Height 126.5cm £24.00
  • Height 166.5cm £30.00
  • Height 206.5cm £38.00
  • Height 241.5cm £45.00
  • Rail Cover 170cm £6.50


  • Lengths/cut to size 46.5cm - 241.5cm
  • Finish White or Black
  • Fixing Rails supplied with wall fixings
  • Material Aluminium + Rubber