Lighting shelves

Our under shelf lighting is available in both shelf depths and any length up to 5m. Use lighting to brighten a space, create a display area or to improve your place to work. The shelves create a continuous light designed into the shelf. Your system needs to be positioned close to a wall socket for power, but all the wiring is not visible and concealed inside the system.


  • 345 Shelf Depth £145.20 per Linear/Metre
  • 255 Shelf Depth £123.60 per Linear/Metre
Prices do not include end caps or wall structure


  • 255 depth 25.5cm (27.5cm with fixings)
  • 345 depth 34.5cm (36.5cm with fixings)

Shelf Endcaps

  • Standard ABS white Injection moulded caps
  • Aluminium machined white Powder coated caps


  • Length 50cm - 500cm Cut to any size
  • Finish White 9010 satin powder coated
  • Fixings Rails & brackets black or white
  • Loading Designed for heavy books & vinyl
  • Material Aluminium & recycled aluminium