DIY Shelves & Crumbling Walls

Epoxy putty used to fit DIY shelving on to brick walls
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If you’re ever putting up shelves using wall plugs and find you have crumbling brick walls it may seem like an impossible task. You may find even if you drill a neat hole very carefully just the right size for a wall plug, when you screw into the wall plug the plug spins in the hole and removes some or more of the brick around it! We’ve found one of the best solutions is to use an epoxy putty. You can even enlarge the hole, make sure it’s as clean as possible, mix up the putty and force this into the hole. The putty tends to take under an hour to go rock solid so you can re-drill the hole, sand the outside face and decorate over it if it’s visible. You can get these from most DIY stores, we’ve used Diall epoxy putty from B&Q and also Hard & Fast Epoxy Putty by Evo-Stick from RS Components.

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