Don’t miss our – Giveaway

Side table giveaway - One for you and one for your best friend! For everyone who's spending too much time at home, in the next few weeks we're giving away two of our new side tables. One H1-R black and one H1-R white and the lucky winner can choose the rod colour; black, white, yellow or red finishes.

Just Powder

Our shelving system components, shelves and cabinets are formed from aluminium and all have a powder coated finish. See our latest video showing how the dry powder is applied to one of our parts. In many high end applications the components are electro coated following the pretreatment process, and this is particularly useful in automotive […]

Fitting Our Rail Covers

 If you are fitting or installing our shelving system you may want to watch this test video. Our rail covers are easy to fit and this short video shows you how, but we are also going to produce a number of short videos for specific parts of the installation. These will include; setting out, […]