Our shelving systems have a maximum size of 5 metres long and 2.4 metres high, but can be configured to any size to suit any space.

Our Shelving System

1. Incredibly Strong

1. Incredibly Strong

Our adjustable wall fixings and shelves are incredibly strong, and we can fix into nearly every type of wall



Our shelves are up to 5 metres in length and we can cut them to any length free of charge



We have a free of charge planning service where we can set out and design a system for you



Our shelving is very easy to install but we do provide a UK installation service and worldwide delivery

What's The Cost/Small to Large

Costed as white or black systems only, prices include vat
1. £224.40

Extra Space

A small system perfect to hold kitchen books above a counter or above a piece of furniture.

2. £486.72

Small Alcove

We’ve combined standard and deep shelves in the same system and allowed space in the centre to display larger items

3. £492.24

Clothes Space

Use our clothes rail to hang your clothes, store shoes below and larger items on the shelves above (hangers not supplied)

4. £794.40

Workdesk for Two

Our desk is 500mm/50cm deep but larger enough for most desktop computers. This system is 1.8m wide and just enough space for two people.

5. £902.40

Alcoves Pair

All six shelves are our standard depth. Both systems are the same, ideal for alcoves either side of a fireplace. Each system is 0.8 metres wide.

6. £802.44

Extra Long TV Shelves

Low level deep shelves can be used as a side counter or TV system. Place your screen on the top shelf and your cables can run behind the shelves. These are 3.4m in length.

7. £958.80

Book Shelves

We’ve used both shelf depths, standard at the top and two deep shelves at the bottom. Each shelf is 2 metres in length creating 10 metres of book space.

8. £1226.64

Combined Workspace

Try using our shelves for more than one job, this system creates both a work area and a side counter for more storage. The system is 3.4 metres in length.

9. £1361.28

Clothes Hanger with Large Drawers

Hang your clothes up on 2 x clothes rails and our extra large draws below can be used to hide everything away. Shelves are 1.8 metres (hangers not included)

10. £1588.32

Book Shelves & Workdesk

Enough worktop space for 2 people, creating additional room for printers, files and books. The system is 3.6 metres in length.

11. £1836.00

Large TV System

This system shows how to create space for a large TV surrounded by shelves, the configuration uses 2.3 metre and 4.6 metre long deep shelves.

12. £2204.40

TV System with Large Cabinets

This 3 metre long system uses 3 x cabinets with fold down doors, perfect to hide away your consoles and media units. Cables can run up behind the shelves and cabinets.

13. £2544.00

Extended System Up and Over

We can make systems as long as you want, either by staggering or connecting the shelves and we can design systems around radiators or over furniture elements.

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