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Shelving Ideas

We can also colour all our wall rails and wall fixings, so you can either match your shelves or use combinations of colours.

Office Shelving

Our deeper shelves are 34.5cm deep, perfect for all types of studios and offices. If you would like to use our shelving system for your workspace we can design a system for you free of charge, try contacting our expert planners or use our shelf builder form to tell us what you want.

Alcove Shelving

Our shelves are made to measure and can be cut to any length, so are perfect for alcove shelving. For more inspiration you can visit our Pinterest page and see some of our alcove shelving.

GQ magazine

GQ magazine no.3 coolest things in the world!…this week.

ON&ON collection No.4

If you missed designjunction this is our collection No.3 made locally in Tottenham, a range of secondary clocks from British homewares brand by. Positioned on our white shelves with birch wall panels.

ON&ON collection No.3

Come to designjunction this week and see our collection No.3. British homewares brand ‘by’.  The collection shows beautifully simple homewares from David Weatherhead and Time machines from Daniel Weil , with most of the collection made locally in Tottenham.