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Time for an update…

Our new website will be launching soon, designed for mobile with new visuals and animations so you get a bit closer to our shelving systems. We hope you will like it. If anyone would like to see any specific new features or information on the new site please let us know, it's never too late. We're always happy to hear feedback and suggestions particularly from our customers.

How to buy – Alcove shelving 2023

There are a few routes to buying alcove shelving; Ikea? DIY shelving? Cabinetmakers? or from Europe? but where do you begin, below we looked at several routes. We have included our own alcove design guide and prices towards the end of the post. We will also be adding a step by step process for designing and fitting the ON&ON shelving system.

Bookend Giveaway

We are giving away 100's of bookends for the rest of this year. Order a shelving system in October, November or December .....

Easy to Install ON&ON Shelving?

Our shelving system has been designed for easy installation and we supply all the fixings and instructions. This means any competent handyman, DIYer or builder should be able to fit our system. If you need more help...

Summer Shutdown

As usual we have a Summer slowdown at the end of August, where production stops for 2 weeks and systems or samples are not dispatched or installed during these weeks. Commencing Friday 19th August and ending Monday September 5th. Read more .....

Best UK Floating Wall Desk

We are surprised to see how popular large floating desks are considering they are difficult to buy or make yourself. We've been making shelves for years but we have launched the ON&ON® wall desk, made to measure and cut to any size up to 5m in length, making it perfect for alcoves or running it from wall to wall.

Retail Shelving Made in GB

Our friends in Canada have used our shelving system as part of their retail franchise across Canada and North America. The ON&ON shelving system is perfect as part of a set of 'Franchise minimum standards' and store design roll out as you get the consistency of parts even though the shelving is made to measure. See why our system will make a difference to your store design.

Side table – Giveaway

One for you and one for your best friend! Running from TODAY, we’re giving away two side tables worth over £400. The INSTAGRAM giveaway will start on Friday 12th February and closes Friday 12th March.

Don’t miss our – Giveaway

Side table giveaway - One for you and one for your best friend! For everyone who's spending too much time at home, in the next few weeks we're giving away two of our new side tables. One H1-R black and one H1-R white and the lucky winner can choose the rod colour; black, white, yellow or red finishes.