We are surprised to see how popular wall to wall floating desks are considering they are difficult to buy or make yourself, we've attached a few good youtube links so you can see how professionals make a wall desk and see the effort that goes into it. We've been making shelves for years but last year we launched our floating desk.

Floating wall desk with shelves

The ON&ON wall desk has been designed as part of our shelving system and now it’s been simplified enough that any competent handyman or builder can install it. This means that you can get the best from both worlds, a made to measure desk but with DIY installation and fitting. All our desks are manufactured and packed in our UK workshop before being sent out all over the world.

Wall mounted computer desk by ON&ON

For something so simple we’ve spent a lot of time and energy getting it correct. We’ve spent years observing how people work from home and in the office. We’ve been testing the sizes, height, finishes and cable management during the design phase as every aspect is key.

Why is the length made to measure?

With everyone learning to live or work in smaller homes and spaces every inch of space is now more important. So we’ve sized our wall desk accordingly, with a made to measure service which means all our standard desks can be any length up to 3m in length. We can also make specials up to 5m in length but please ask our planners for details, they are a bit harder to pack and transport. As our desks can be made to any length it means they are great at running them from wall to wall or fitting them into smaller more awkward alcove spaces. See our product guide page for more information about setting out and sizes.

ON&ON wall desk setting out
Setting out guide

We’ve attached a few images so you can see the wall desk and some of the parts, but we will add another section that shows all the prototypes we produced to get it correct and we’ve now included the installation video below. Here are a couple of links so you can see the other professionals making large floating desks and how much effort goes in if you are doing it from scratch.

Is the Floating Desk easy to Install?

To help we’ve provided all the instructions and fixings for solid and cavity walls.

How are the our desks made?

Our desks are formed from a combination of materials and parts making them strong and durable. They are exceptionally strong as we combine our desks with aluminium parts, so you can use them for large desktop screens, books and printers. The top finish is a hardwearing Formica laminate that will last for a very long time. Our desks can be positioned at any height so long as they are in contact with our wall rail fixings, which allows them to be moved up or down and then be fixed into position. Standard heights for a desk are 720mm or 72cm from your floor finish so if you speak with our planners this will be the standard height that they are set too. See the planning drawing below setting out a desk configuration with lighting and shelves within a recessed wall area.

wall mounted desk drawing by ON&ON planners
Planning drawing

Try adding different parts to your desk

There are a number of parts that we would recommend adding to our wall desk system:

# Try adding shelves above the desk to create more filing and storage space lifted of from the desk and floor. With more storage space above there is plenty uninterrupted space for your legs and chairs underneath.

# Try adding lighting above your desk. We don’t use spot lights but a continuous light designed into the shelf above that creates a wash of light so you can work at your desk even without a room light on. Using a continuous light above means there is no need to strain your eyes and makes it a little bit easier to work even if it’s late. Additionally there is no need for a desk lamp which can create a very strong hotspot and intense light to work under.

Floating wall desk with lighting

# Our cable management helps to declutter your work surface ensuring it is a clean and uncluttered space helping you focus and concentrate. Any cables needed can be mounted and stored in our cable tray positioned directly under the desk surface, all cables can be fed behind the desk along its full length and plugged into a extension cable mounted into the cable tray, see the image below. This is to limit the amount of visible cables but also to ensure you don’t have any trailing along the floor.

Desk cable tray finished white

# Combine our floating desk with our made to measure cabinets to help organise yourself and hide things away.

# Use our accessories to help manage your books, files, bits of paper and stationary items. All made from aluminium and finished to match your shelves and desk.

Keep your desktop clutter free with a Mini Shelf

Designed to help tidy away stationary, mobile phones, books, vinyl and keep your desktop decluttered and tidy. Our new mini shelves can be positioned at any height above your floating desk using adjustable wall rail fixings. They come in two depths 110mm & 60mm (11cm and 6cm) and several different lengths with finishes in black or white to match our desk and shelving.  If you are interested in the mini shelves speak with our planners and we can design it into your system. We are designing new parts that will fit into the mini shelf making it an essential item for every clutter free workspace.

ON&ON mini shelf 110 finished white

ON&ON mini shelf end, position it above our floating desk to help create a clutter free space

Try our Desk extension if it’s a small space

If you don’t have enough space for a full desk our desk extension may be a better alternative. Our desk extension works with our deepest shelf and can be positioned and fitted anywhere along the top surface. The size is 800 x 500mm (80 x 50cm) which means it can be easily fitted or removed if needed. It’s machined from aluminium and has a powder coated finish and standard colours are white or black. We are looking into some new colours including grey, yellow and red finishes. It’s the perfect size for a single workstation or great if you have a small space and want cabinets below.

ON&ON desk extension finished in white

Health & Safety for Homeworkers

If you are working from home there maybe other factors your should consider for safe working. Take a look at the Heath Executive website for homeworkers which covers a number of items that we have already designed into our desk system. They have also included a workstation checklist that you can review or print out to see if your desk or workspace covers everything.

  • Desk height adjustment
  • Adequate lighting
  • Cables should be tidy and not cause a hazard
  • Remove any obstructions from below your desk
  • Organise your printers and reference materials etc

At ON&ON our concern is that people working at home should be considering how their spaces are set up. In an office it’s the responsibility of a company and is covered within health and safety, but at home everyone is forgetting that weeks of this will have a knock on effect. Try investing in a new well set up workspace and if you’re interested in our desk we can help. Even if you only have a small space we can help create you a great place to work.

How do I buy a desk from ON&ON

Our planning service is free of charge where we will help design and cost you a system, all our helpful planners need is the height and width of your space to start. If you want to see our desk system parts in more detail click here or take a look at our how to buy page where you can send a request direct to our planning team.