How to buy – Alcove shelving

DIY shelving? Cabinetmakers? Ikea? or Italy? When we were a little younger DIY used to be part of the weekend, an essential part of your home improvements plan and now if it’s part of yours to help there’s some great articles and websites to give you advice along the way. We specifically liked this alcove shelving article as there’s plenty of detail and if you’re not experienced in DIY and it’s your first home in our opinion the more detail the better. This is a great way to create storage and display space in the centre of your home, visible and accessible to everyone.

This is how we started ON&ON, building wall shelving over the years for our own flats and homes, designing and making something that really works and fits functionally and aesthetically for the people that live there.

We know and understand the time, effort and costs that are needed to make you’re own shelves, and we can tell you after you’ve bought all the materials, cut and fitted everything you then have to spend several days priming and painting everything. If you make your own shelving it’s great to hear, but we can tell you from our own experience it’s really hard work.

So for us it was either the DIY route or pay a carpenter or cabinet maker a lot of money. All we wanted was for our shelving to be a real part of our home, something that would be part of our own aesthetic, straightforward and uncomplicated, rather than an after thought or awkward addition to our spaces. We also wanted to avoid the Ikea route, their wall shelving is not cut to size and generally difficult to fit if you want to wall mount a large number of shelves in one area. The other option was to look at the other end of the market, in our view really well made but very expensive designer storage systems and this was beyond our price bracket and not quite the right look for us.

If you’re interested in finding a happy balance between cost, quality and service we may be the best solution for all your shelving. Our shelving system is great quality, made to measure and easy to fit. If this is of interest, let one of our planners know what you would like, they will help advise, set out and design your system completely free of charge. We do this via phone, email or site visit where we provide drawings, samples and costs to ensure the design is perfect for you.

Shelf Cutting Test

We’re experimenting with some ways to cut our shelving system. This is a water cutting process so you still get a consistent cut which can follow a shape or curve.

shelf planning

We loved this recent sketch from a customer, it’s a great example of how you can give us additional information about your shelves and it’s important to get it correct as all our shelving is made to measure. It’s also much easier now when you have an ipad or tablet.

St Albans Shelving

We’ve recently been supplying and fitting our wall shelves all over St Albans in both residential and retail spaces. We think the new Bricktraders shop on Catherine Street looks great with our yellow shelves, it’s just opened and is a permanent space to trade your Lego bricks!

New shelving

Take a look at our shelving systems you can now buy our wooden shelves with a solid douglas fir front click here to see and it’s still available cut to size and up to 5 metres in length

colour of the year

Looking for this years inspiration, try painting your walls to match Pantone Greener, Pantone’s colour of the year and use this colour as a backdrop to a nice new set of wall shelves.

Shelf life

Our made to measure shelving is made from 100% recycled aluminium, and any off cuts are turned into samples or recycled back into aluminium billets. This is just part of one of our initiatives to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.

Even longer shelves

We can now make our shelves longer than 5 metres in length using our shelf connector. Easy to fit and now makes your shelves as long as you want. This is one of our shelf connectors working, we’ve chosen two of our black shelves and a white connection so you can see the joint that is formed when pushed together.

Retail shelving

Our friends in Canada have used our shelving system as part of their retail franchise and new store design. Our system is perfect as part of a set of ‘minimum standards’ as you get the consistency of parts even though the shelving is made to measure.

London design festival

Celebrating London as the design capital of the world… It’s a big statement and who’s going to tell us when we’ve reached it? We hope you’ve had a good week exploring all the events and venues around London. If you’re participating next year keep us in mind if you need some flexible, adjustable made to measure shelving.