New shelving

Take a look at our shelving systems you can now buy our wooden shelves with a solid douglas fir front click here to see and it’s still available cut to size and up to 5 metres in length

colour of the year

Looking for this years inspiration, try painting your walls to match Pantone Greener, Pantone’s colour of the year and use this colour as a backdrop to a nice new set of wall shelves.

Shelf life

Our made to measure shelving is made from 100% recycled aluminium, and any off cuts are turned into samples or recycled back into aluminium billets. This is just part of one of our initiatives to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.

Even longer shelves

We can now make our shelves longer than 5 metres in length using our shelf connector. Easy to fit and now makes your shelves as long as you want. This is one of our shelf connectors working, we’ve chosen two of our black shelves and a white connection so you can see the joint that is formed when pushed together.

Retail shelving

Our friends in Canada have used our shelving system as part of their retail franchise and new store design. Our system is perfect as part of a set of ‘minimum standards’ as you get the consistency of parts even though the shelving is made to measure.

London design festival

Celebrating London as the design capital of the world… It’s a big statement and who’s going to tell us when we’ve reached it? We hope you’ve had a good week exploring all the events and venues around London. If you’re participating next year keep us in mind if you need some flexible, adjustable made to measure shelving.

Design Biennale utopia by design

It’s one of the best design exhibitions we’ve ever been too. It’s great to see so many countries showing some brilliant design thinking. Tomorrow is the last day of the London Design Biennale they recommend 1-2 hours but really there is so much to see you can take 4 hours. The image above is from Germany exploring the idea of Utopia meaning ‘elsewhere’ we hope you get to see their work. click here

Best modular shelving

If you missed it last week we were no.3 in the Independent’s review on best modular shelving systems. As the Independent states; these systems make great open storage solutions for living rooms, kitchens and offices. Also unlike built-in storage, you can take shelving systems with you when you move making them a great investment.

Summer shelving

Come and see us at Olympia London at the Spirit of Summer Fair, we’re showing our shelving as part of the list by House and Garden¬†ending on Saturday 25th June 5pm.

British design

We are now officially inventive and novel! We’ve received our first patent for our shelving, we expect this to be the first of many. We’ll put it next to our trademarks and registered designs!